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   The photo you want to draw should be taken closely, high resolution and clear. An example of a photograph suitable for the drawing is given on the side. It is not possible to draw from an unsuitable photograph.

   You can choose at least 1, maximum 7 photos and send them to us. We will choose the most suitable photo and present it to you. If you give your consent, your photo will be approved and you will go to the 2nd stage.



    After the photo you want to be drawn is clarified and approved, detailed information about your order is given. (drawing size, fee and delivery day)

    Your approval is received, and after making the payment to the account number we sent you, the registration phase begins.

NOTE: We do not have cash on delivery and credit card options. You can pay by hand, money order or EFT.



   After the order is confirmed and the fee payment is made, the registration phase begins. The most important step to be considered while registering is to specify the delivery stage of your order by hand or courier.

    If you are going to receive your order by hand, you can come to our workshop, register by hand, give minimum 50% of the drawing fee as a deposit, make the registration, and make the remaining payment on the order delivery and receive your drawing. Or before you come to our workshop, you can deposit the fee into our account, register and receive your drawing by hand from our workshop.

To create your order record; It is enough to write your Name Surname - Address and Telephone information.

Note:  You do not need to provide address information for deliveries to be made by hand.

NOTE: All orders that are delayed since the date we have given will be sent to your address, including the drawing fee, with your picture. All of the fee you have paid will be sent back to the bank account you have given or by hand. 



    According to the registration order, your order is put in order and the drawing begins. The first stage is the linear creation of the drawing. After this stage is completed, the light, shadow and toning stage, which we do as fine workmanship, is applied. After the drawing is completed, you can take the photo and send it to the phone you gave it via whatsapp or e-mail.  sent with.

NOTE: We do not have cash on delivery and credit card options. You can pay by hand, money order or EFT.



    We package your completed drawing with your approval in 2 separate nested filings. In the first stage, we place the drawing in the package we designed from the American bristol paper. In the second stage, we put the file in a thick cardboard and pack it. Your drawings are definitely not shipped in rolls. It is packaged flat so that it does not curl.

These stages are valid for both hand-delivered and courier deliveries.


NOTE: Drawings are not delivered framed. There is a framer close to our workshop, and the frame you choose is prepared and delivered according to the size of your drawing. 



    After your order is packed, it is delivered by hand or to the contracted PTT Cargo branch. Your order is sent against payment. After delivery, the cargo receipt is received and added to your registration file. The receipt is photographed and sent to you.

Your drawing will be delivered to your address within a minimum of 1 business day and a maximum of 2 business days according to the distance to Izmir. (Delivery time may vary to counties and towns far from the city center.)

   For deliveries made by cargo, we carry out your order during working hours on weekdays.  Hand deliveries are made 7 days a week. 

NOTE(1):  Drawing fees do not include shipping. Shipping fee; It is between 12 and 20 TL and is sent by PTT cargo with counter payment.  

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